company profile

where we are

Hong Kong headquarter:
Texmark Ltd.
1212, Beverley Commercial Centre
87-105 Chatham Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

China factory:
Mianyan Tianmao Metal Products Co., Ltd.
No. 90 Group 1, Dabaoliang, Mianyan
ZIP code: 621015, Sichuan

what we do

We specialize in prototypes and samples. Apart from our own factory in Sichuan, we have a network of suppliers close to our factory with whom we have worked for years. This network of companies allows us to serve our customers with everything they need for their sample and prototype production: aluminium and plastic housings, seals, springs, bushings, connectors...

why our customers like us

We are fast!
If needed, we can make complicated aluminium housings within one week; injection moulds in 4.

We always help our customers
Often during the prototype phase a modified part is urgently needed. We can help without looking at profits; just get the job done.

We keep the customer informed
We have a customer information system which shows the customer at any time which orders are open and when we will ship them. We provide tracking numbers and shipping documents for smooth and speedy customs clearance and delivery